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  • Tensile
  • DMA
  • TMA
  • AFM
  • Tribometry
  • Mechanical profilometry
  • Surface Acoustic Microscopy
  • Porosimetry
Tensile test (for determining tensile stress, tensile strain/elongation, modulus)
In a tensile test, the force and associated sample elongation are measured until the sample breaks. From this data the following parameters can be determined: tensile stress (at yield & at break), strain, elongation (at yield & at break), modulus.
The test method is described in ISO 527.
The dimensions of the provided samples should be according to the specimen dimensions specified in the standard.
Test specimen can also be prepared at an extra cost, contact us for more information.
Please include information on the chemical nature (e.g. PP, PE, PET, PA,..) of your polymer with your order.
Multiple samples? contact us for bulk pricing!
110.00 € 110.0 EUR

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