As independent laboratories and research centers, Innolab Belgium and Innolab France have been supporting you for more than 15 years through analysis, control, auditing, consulting, training and R&D services in fields related to biomass valorization.

Characterization of materials

Analyze the deposits in particular to know their basic composition or their methanogenic potential. Essential for operators, suppliers, engineering offices to study the feasibility of a project, optimize its implementation and increase its production.

Monitoring the operation of anaerobic digestion sites

Benefit from support in the operation and management of your installation. Analysis and regular support to optimize your production.

Detection of gas leaks on methanization sites

Regularly identify possible gas leaks to optimize your production.

Recovery of digestate and compost

Optimize your anaerobic digestion project with an optimal valorization of the residual organic matter of the digestate and comply with the local regulations on land application.

Pilot tests & customized tests

Opt for a tailor-made service dedicated to atypical projects. The pilot test is still considered as a real method to validate the feasibility of the design, to optimize the sizing and to secure the investments by improving the capital and operating expenses.

Research, innovation & development

Take advantage of an outsourced R&D service to develop innovative solutions for the treatment and valorization of biomass.

Facts about Innolab

+32 (0) 9 262 04 00 / +32 (0) 472 48 67 45

Marechalstraat 70, 

8020 Oostkamp, Belgique

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