Three point flexural/bending test (incl. flexural modulus)

The three point flexural/bending test (incl. flexural modulus ) is used to investigate the flexural behaviour of the test specimens and to determine the flexural strength, flexural modulus, bending and other aspects of the flexural stress/strain relationship under the conditions defined. The configuration used is a three-point loading test where the specimen is freely supported at both ends and a varying load is applied at midspan during which the bending/deflection deformation is measured.
The test method is described in ISO 178.
The dimensions of the provided samples should be according to the specimen dimensions specified in the standard.
Test specimen can also be prepared at an extra cost, contact us for more information.
Please include information on the chemical nature (e.g. PP, PE, PET, PA,..) of your polymer with your order.
Multiple samples? contact us for bulk pricing!

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140.00 € VAT Excluded

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