Fl3xlab: Your Partner for Quality Plastics Production and Processing.

Are you experiencing defects such as delamination, streaks, air bubbles, flash, or black spots during the injection or rotational molding of your products? Are your hoppers blocked or are you experiencing abnormal odors/colors during the extrusion of profiles, films, filaments, or yarns?

Do you need guidance on the color of your masterbatch or the grade of your granulate?

Fl3xlab offers a wide range of analyses, including MFI, DSC, TGA, FTIR, XRF, and mechanical tests (such as impact, flexure, and tensile), providing you with clarity on the composition and properties of your products and raw materials such as PP, PE, PET, ABS, and more. Rest assured that with Fl3xlab's expertise, you can identify and address any issues with your manufacturing processes, ensuring the quality of your products and maximizing your business success.

Already Hundreds different  tests online

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During plastic processing, a variety of challenging issues can arise, from material-related defects to process-related complications.

At our testing lab, we offer comprehensive testing services that provide a thorough analysis of your plastic materials and processes, including:

    • Melt Flow Index (MFI) testing: Identify and understand the viscosity and flow properties of your plastic materials during extrusion and processing. 
    • Mechanical testing (tension, bending, IZOD, Shore): Assess the strength, flexibility, hardness, and impact resistance of your plastic products to meet stringent quality standards and customer requirements. We can also optionally produce the necessary test pieces for these mechanical tests.
    • Thermal Analysis (DSC, TGA, Vicat): Detect material degradation or determine melting parameters such as melting point, melting heat, and glass transition, e.g. to optimize cooling cycles. 
    • Color measurements: Determine and compare the color of your pieces or raw materials according to the CIE color-order system. 
    • Chemical composition (FTIR, XRF): Identify the type of plastic and any additives and impurities or track chemical reactions such as degradation and oxidation.

In addition to our optional fabrication of the necessary test pieces for mechanical testing, we also offer a compounding service for making small batches on a twin-screw extruder.

Finally, we may also be able to assist you with other tests such as water analyses (cooling/waste/…) or emission measurements.


Fl3xlab: Your Partner for Quality Plastics Production and Processing.
Fl3xlab, Kris Jansen March 17, 2024
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